Welcome to HOME TEAM!  Conveniently located in downtown Middletown at the Hetrick Center at 500 N. Union St.  Training is available beginning at 3:30pm every weeknight, by appointment on weekends and earlier than 3:30pm week days.

My specialty is helping young athletes improve their performance in their sport by introducing them to weight training and other training methods to improve their speed, power, quickness, balance, agility, and explosiveness.  Athletes as young as 5 years old can improve their performance with the proper training.  And have fun doing it.  They WILL become better athletes training at Home Team!  Not an athlete?  Not a problem.  Training with me will improve your self-confidence, your mind, and your health! 

Athletes who want the biggest edge should consider Hydroworx pool training.  This will improve your performance significantly.  By training under water, blood returns to your heart faster, enabling you to train harder than possible on land.   

There are no age limits to the benefits of weight training.  EVERYONE can benefit from exercise.  The effects on the body when you lead a sedentary lifestyle is compared to the damage done by smoking tobacco.  Everything in life will improve with just 60 minutes a day.  A bad day will get better with a visit to the gym!  Stop in today!


To get in touch with me, just click on "Contact Me" and send me a message or you can text or call me at (717) 215-9607.

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

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